Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Kindly note that First Party refers to (CFC) & Second Party refers to the registered dealer.


What is the First Party's Role? 


1- CFC will do its best to provide a comprehensive, accurate  and professional description about the listed Vehicles "except minor points, such as small scratches or dents".

2- CFC is obligated to give the Vehicle to the highest bidder "if the deal closes with the Vehicle”clear owner.

3- CFC will bear the transfer costs of the ownership transfer to the auction winner & there is no hidden charges or admin fee.


What is Second Party's liabilities?


1- By signing in and start using CFC's online bidding system, the User/Dealer is accepting and agreeing to this Terms & Conditions.

2- Bidder has no right to pull out of a deal/auction, if he was the highest bidder at the time of closing the auction (and deal was closed with the vehicle owner).


3- Bidder will be charged below penalties in case of pulling out of any deal/won auction:-

  • 1,500AED if car value was 10,000AED or below.
  • 2,500AED if car value was between 10,001 to 30,000AED.
  • 3,500AED if car value was between 30,001 to 45,000AED.
  • 5,000AED if car value was between 45,001 to 100,000AED.
  • 10,000AED if car value was between 100,001 to 200,000AED.
  • 20,000AED if car value was between 200,001 to 400,000AED.
  • 30,000AED if car value was between 400,001 to 700,000AED.
  • 6% of the highest bid if car value 700,001 and above.

4- CFC reserves the right to take legal actions against the winner if he pulled out of the deal & refused to pay the penalties.


Both parties adhere to these terms & conditions.